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When plumbing fixtures aren’t practical, you can depend on portable toilets. Portable toilets (AKA porta potties), hand washing stations, hand sanitizers, and shower stations keep things clean and sanitary in a variety of environments, from construction sites to music festivals and more.

ASAP Site Services offers porta potty rentals and accessories at affordable prices nationwide. Once you decide what you need and place your order online or over the phone, one of the local providers in our network will ensure fast, reliable delivery to your site. Count on ASAP to cover all portable toilet rental requirements for your next project or event.

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Ordering is simple and pricing is easy to understand. Order online using the Order Now button below and we will take care of the rest from the beginning of your rental period to the end! No worries.

Portable Toilet Rentals

Affordable Prices Nationwide

When you rent portable toilets from ASAP Site Services, you’ll receive top-quality customer service for the lowest available prices. Let us know how we can meet your needs by contacting us today. Select from these and other portable bathroom solutions.

  • Single-Unit Portable Toilets
  • Restroom Trailers
  • Shower Trailers

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Portable Toilet Features

Choose your rentals from a variety of portable bathroom solutions:

porta potties for construction sites
5-stall-trailer for showers
portable shower for construction sites

Single-Unit Portable Toilets

The standard porta potty most commonly used for events and job sites. Basic units include a toilet only—we recommend ordering separate sinks, hand washing stations, and/or sanitizers to supplement standard portable toilets. Variations on the single-unit porta potty rental include toilets with sinks, flushable toilets, and ADA-accessible toilets.

Restroom Trailers

Portable restroom trailer rentals more closely resemble full bathrooms, with flushing toilets and urinals, sinks and soap dispensers, lighting, trash receptacles, and other features. We offer restroom trailer options with 2, 3, or 5 stations.

Shower Trailers

Shower trailers are a good choice for job sites that expose workers to dirt and grime or large public events that last overnight. Each shower stall includes towel hangers, curtains, a sink, a mirror, and lockable doors. We offer shower trailer options with 2, 3, or 5 stalls.

Find Your Local Pricing & Order Today!

When you’re ready to complete your order, you’ll pay the total cost up front. Although we always do our best to present the final price before you complete your order, we may place additional charges if we have to travel further than indicated for delivery or servicing, if local disposal rates increase unexpectedly, or if we encounter other unexpected variables.

Why Rent Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are essential in numerous situations. For large public events like concerts, festivals, or sporting events, porta potty rentals are necessary to accommodate hundreds or thousands of visitors each day. On a smaller scale, individuals often rent portable toilets for weddings or backyard parties to keep their guests comfortable.

Commercial projects need portable bathroom rentals to accommodate workers at job sites without convenient access to functional indoor plumbing: construction sites, home remodels, parking lots, landfills, etc. This is also true of disaster relief areas. Porta potties also come in handy at remote recreational locations like golf courses and campsites.

Portable Toilet Rental Prices

ASAP Site Services is committed to offering the most affordable portable toilet rental rates possible across the country. View our average prices per unit quantity and length of rental duration in the table below. Prices below include one weekly sanitation servicing and a rental duration of 28 days or less.

Standard Portable Toilet

standard portable toilet

Portable Sink

portable handwash sink and sanitizing station

ADA Handicap Toilet

ADA compliant handicap portable toilet

Portable Toilet
with Sink

portable toilet with sink

High Rise
Portable Toilet

high rise portable toilet

Average Prices

Average Prices

Average Price

Average Price

Average Price

Our prices vary by location, based on local disposal facility rates, municipal regulations, travel distance, and other regional factors. You may also order additional servicing for an extra charge per unit service. Order Now and enter your zip code for a more specific cost estimate for your porta potty rentals. Bulk discounts are available.

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need?


The recommended quantity of porta potty rentals will vary by your purpose for ordering, the number of people, and the length of the event or project. You should order enough units to keep the tank from overfilling between services.

If you need portable toilets for a job site, the standard recommendation is one unit for every 10 workers in a 40-hour workweek. For an event, the guidelines vary more widely depending on the duration and the number of people you expect to attend and also if the event will be serving alcohol.

Beginning and Ending Your Portable Toilet Rental Period

Please place your order at least two days before the beginning of your event or project to ensure availability and convenient delivery. For large events and highly populated job sites, we encourage you to place your order at least a week in advance. Although lead time is preferred, many of our local providers can accommodate same-day delivery orders if necessary.

The provider in your area will deliver your porta potty rentals and accessories on the designated day and place them at the site per your instructions (we may relocate units to areas outside of your specifications if necessary to facilitate safe servicing). You are responsible for connecting the holding tanks to your portable toilet rentals yourself. Your rentals may not look exactly as they do on our website, but they will have the same features and functions as the units you ordered.

When you are ready to end your rental period, please call ASAP Site Services—not the number printed on the portable toilets. We’ll arrange the removal of all units from your site and stop billing you accordingly. If you contact a hauler to remove your rentals without notifying us, we’ll assume your rental period is ongoing and continue to bill you for each day.

Sanitation Services

Your portable toilet rentals include one sanitation service per week, but you may request additional servicing for a fee. During each service, we’ll pump out the tanks, clean and sanitize each unit, restock supplies such as soap and toilet paper, and relocate toilets within your site. Waste will be transported to a local wastewater facility and disposed of per local government regulations.

Considerations and Precautions

Before you rent a porta potty, make sure your site is suitable for safe and convenient unit placement. The areas where you plan to place a portable toilet should be level, well-lit, and accessible for servicing.

If one of your portable toilets is knocked over, please contact ASAP immediately. We will dispatch a driver to your site to evaluate the incident and make necessary adjustments.

ASAP Site Services is not responsible for any damage incurred to your rentals or your site. Damage waivers are available if you are ordering portable toilets for a public event.

Featured Service Areas

We offer portable toilet rentals nationwide, however, we receive a volume of orders from these featured service areas.

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Once you’ve identified your needs for portable toilet, restroom trailer, or shower trailer rentals, place your order directly online or contact us at (888) 413-5105. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our processes or how to properly accommodate your project or event.

When you rent portable toilets from ASAP Site Services, you’ll receive top-quality customer service for the lowest available prices. Let us know how we can meet your needs by contacting us today.

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